Community Outreach


Transitions Community Development Corporation

PO Box 38851, Detroit, MI 48238


The Transitions Community Development Corporation (CDC) at its inception was a leader’s hearts’ cry to provide community outreach in a region of Detroit, MI that borders Fenkell, Linwood, and Dexter, which was also known as a high substance abuse, crime and prostitution area.  In an effort to reach out to the neighborhood and uplift the local community, a neighborhood/community rally was formulated in the year 2000 and since that time has continued each year.  Some of the things the community rallies have provided are: hot foods, groceries, music, clothing (for adults and children), children activities, and periodic STD screening.  As the community rally continued to grow and a thirst for the resources increased and there was a need for development partnerships and collaborations in an effort to support the community rally.  Thus, Transitions CDC was birth.

Mission Statement

Transitions CDC will facilitate empowerment for individuals in the areas of education, economic, employment and community development.

Vision Statement

Transitions CDC envision the development of self-sustainable neighborhoods where there are families, business, and civil leaders unified together.  Transitions CDC is devoted to facilitating individuals to become self-supporting, strengthened, and productive participants of society.

Economic Development

A. Employment Opportunities- Target date June 2013

B. Business Expansion

  1. Advocating Growth

Financial Literacy

A. Budget Developments

B. Financial Assessments

Educational Development

A. Grant Writing Workshops - Economic Empowerment Conference –October 26, 2013

B. Resume Writing Workshops- Economic Empowerment Conference –October 26, 2013

Community Development

A. Housing

  1. Resources for affordable housing
  2. Assistance with housing and townhomes purchases

B.  Monthly Food Book Distribution (See Flyer)

C.  Tree Planting- Target May 2013

D.  Building re-facing/rehabilitation/refurbishing – Target date May 2013

E.  Community Day – Next Community Day Date July 26, 2013

Food Pantry


Wish List Items

In-kind donations help us to supplement our other resources, especially in the food pantry where donated food and personal care products help to keep our expenditures lower so more dollars can go directly to help our clients.


Food Pantry

Frozen Turkeys (November Only)

Cans of vienna sausage

Variety of single serving oatmeal

Prepackaged potato dishes

Prepackage rice dishes

Prepackage stuffing 

Prepackaged noodle dishes

Variety of single serving grits

Boxes of crackers

Cans of sardines

Cans of green beans

Cans of corn

Cans of peas

Cans of carrots

Cans of tuna

Cans of chicken

Cans of chili

Cans of spaghetti sauce

Dry spaghetti/ pasta

Various canned soups

Cans of ravioli/ spaghetti O’s

Cans of potatoes

Boxes of cakes/ brownie mixes

Bags of assortment of dry beans

Bags of dry rice

Jars of peanut butter

Jars of jelly/preserves



Baby Jar Food

Baby Shampoo

Baby Soap and Lotion

Baby Wipes


Crib Sheets




Teething Toys




Combs and Brushes


Disposal Razors

Feminine Products



Shampoo and Soap

Toothpaste and Brushes

Towels and Rugs



Bus Tickets

Bus Passes

Gas Gift Cards

Grocery Gift Cards

Phone Cards

School Supplies

Tax Preparation


For more information on making an individual or group in-kind donation contact Shatonla Daniel at or 313-883-9387.